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  • About VisualSoft:


-VisualSoft is a leading IT Solution Provider company established In GERMANY at 1990

 - VisualSoft open Middle East office in  U.A.E (Dubai & Abu Dhabi) at 1992, with an objective of developing high quality of control software and addressing the growing segment of emerging technology markets. In 2000 and in the recognition of the IT needs of the region, VisualSoft established a new setup in many countries ( KSA -  UK – USA – SPAIN - GERMANY) providing world class business & technology solutions.


VisualSoft is a company with office in U.A.E develops information technology solutions to small to large medium companies and government agencies. Our services include development and implementation of complete information systems; covering the full range of our client’s information technology activities. We develop solutions that rely to many ministries and holding companies in information technology, and that are suitable for the implementation environment.


In 2 centuries  of VisualSoft successful existence, VisualSoft has proved to be one of the most trusted names as an IT Solutions Provider and reach to 20000 clients in all fields, fact that has been proved beyond doubt by an ever-growing list of clients, supported by highly qualified and technically competent team of employees.




Software Development


VisualSoft has the infrastructure & skilled resources to efficiently carry out software development projects and able to effectively complement an organization in-house strength by providing outsourcing services for software development. The services also include modifications of existing in-house developed applications, and their support.


VisualSoft provides a wide range of project services ranging from implementation of complex turnkey systems, integration projects, project management services, deployment of contract resources etc.



Outsourced Services


Since the internal support is becoming increasingly difficult and costly. VisualSoft’s professional team can take the worries from you and manage the whole or part of your infrastructure – be it desktop management, roll-out of solutions, system upgrades or management of primary high-end enterprise resources.


VisualSoft is able to provide contract resources for periods as may be required. A very wide range of skills is available to suit diverse needs. Screening is done by VisualSoft to arrive at an appropriate resource match.

 VisualSoft provides key staffers like Programmers, Analysts, Project Leaders, Networking and Database Administrators. We offer tailor-made contract schedules and personnel that match your exact needs. We have been offering quality service and our recruitment cycle ensures that all our consultants have the required qualification, technical expertise and aptitude as well as posses good communication and inter personal skills

Enterprise Solution


VisualSoft develops general software business packages and solutions to customers in different sectors, Public & private Applications. Our Software Solution has software teams with creative resources, modern tools and software. The software teams are lead by experienced project managers that use project control and reporting systems to ensure high quality software and timely delivery of products


VisualSoft provides a solution that offers unparalleled functionality, a truly open architecture, superior technology, and rapid implementation. The technical architecture addresses the following design considerations:

High reliability and high availability

  • Modularity and scalability
  • Low response time
  • Remote access
  • Low administration and maintenance overheads
  •   High maintainability
  • Platform independence
  • Bilingual user interface (Arabic - English)
  • Simple and Intuitive user interface


In 1992 VisualSoft t developed a powerful management software supply the market with desperately needed bilingual (A/E) business applications (Accounting, Stock Control, Pos , FAM, Human Resource Management,HIS) for small to medium sized companies. We use the latest technologies and offer highly competitive products in terms of quality, prices, and service. Our products are:



Visual hms  

Hospitals and clinics management system. Web Application


Visual newspaper

For  newspaper management and advertising .


Visual archive

Archiving system for all documents and for all kinds of works.


Visual real estate

Real estate system for investment and renting all things.


Visual  Schools (private schools)

Complete and comprehensive school management package for private schools, handles all aspects of day to day activities such as registration, marks, attendance, and the time table.

Visual System 

Flexible, powerful, multi-user, and user-friendly Accounting and Inventory control Package.

 This is the central module of the whole software system. All the other modules are directly connected to this module and update their data to it directly. This module handles all the accounting needs including but not limited to:


Flexible chart of accounts- Balance Sheet –Trial Balance-Ledger


Accounts payable and accounts receivable are integrated in the system and directly connected to the suppliers and customers modules.


Includes all financial transactions such as sales and purchase invoices, credit and debit notes, and Journal Vouchers. All transactions are automatically posted. No need for manual posting. Transaction recurring and reversing is also available without                           

   manual intervention


Cheques management module that handles incoming and outgoing cheques and all transactions that can be applied on them. All required reports about the cheques can also generate from this module.

 Budget entry and auto calculation of budget values based on previous year's budget and actual values.

 All required financial reports such as Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income

 Statement, General Ledger, etc.

 The Inventory

Manages several types of items with different item cards. Each item card holds all item information: name, number, quantities, etc.

Unlimited number of stores can be defined by the user.

Items can be classified into major categories.

Can handle unlimited number of batches for each item. Each batch can have different price, vender, store, etc.

Any type of transactions can be applied to the items such as moving to another store, selling, editing, or termination. All transactions will update the inventory information directly and will be posted to the general ledger automatically.

 Any method of cost calculation: Moving Average, FIFO, LIFO ,Last price and fixed.

 All required reports and inquires


Suppliers and Customers

 Full management of suppliers and customers information.

 Direct connection to financial transactions and general ledger.

 Automatic generation of purchase orders

 Allows credit and debit accounts for suppliers and customers

 Displays the last prices of sales and purchases for any individual customer or supplier.

 Detailed reports and inquires.


Human Resource Management

 Comprehensive management of all employees' information, history, and experience.

 Fully compliant with rules and regulations applied in United Arab Emirates and adaptable to regulations of other countries.

 Handles all types of vacations (annual, marriage, emergency, etc.)

 Detailed reports of all information mentioned above



Fully compliant with rules and regulations of UAE and adaptable to regulations of other countries

Automatic salary, allowances, and deductions calculation. Also automatically calculates end of service allowances from the employment period and reason of leaving

Easy adding of special expenses or additions to be deducted or added to the final salary

All payments are posted to the general ledger automatically.

Payment by cash, cheques, or bank transfer

All required reports and salary slips